Zak France was seriously injured, playing for Cheltenham Phoenix against Bath Romans in a regional cup final.
Zak is a rugby league player locally produced by the Cheltenham club. His injuries are substantial having damaged
his spinal cord. He is paralysed down one side of his body and his condition is said to be steadily improving. Zak
has had some slight movement in his toes and in his arms but will remain hospitalised for at least 3-6 months. Zak
was originally in South Meads hospital Bristol but has now been moved to Cheltenham and will eventually be moved
to the specialist spine unit in Salisbury. The RFL Benevolent Fund have visited Zak in hospital and will support him
and his family through this difficult time.

His team mates and the South West Regional Rugby League have requested that we set up a ‘just-giving’ page in order
to raise funds for Zak. All monies raised on this site will be ring fenced for Zaks individual use.

We will continue to monitor Zaks progress and wish him well in what will be a prolonged recovery.

To make a donation please visit