My Name is Tom and I am running the MDS 2010

The Marathon des Sables has been named The Toughest Footrace on Earth, it is a race of 151 miles run over 6 Days in the Sahara desert. As well as having to deal with extreme heat, competitors have to carry everything they need to survive for the duration including their daily water ration.

The race is not to be underestimated, midday temperatures in the Sahara reach up to 120°F/49°C.

The terrain varies between uneven rocky ground to soft sand dunes.

Tom Fitzsimons will be running the MDS on behalf of two charities, The Rugby League Benevolent Fund and Addaction.

He hopes to raise in the region of £20,000 to donate to these charities.

Tom is a recovering alcoholic who just 3 Years ago couldn’t run down the road and would have laughed at anyone who had suggested he would be running the toughest footrace on earth. A series of events led Tom to make the decision to stop the destructive cycle of drinking. Since then Tom has lost 5 stone, competed in numerous 10k races, half marathons, and dualthlons. He has completed 8 marathons as well as recently completing his first 50 mile ultra off road running event. In 2008 Tom qualified as a personal trainer and set up Effort Personal Training.

‘If, by completing, the MDS I can inspire just one alcoholic to take control of their life then it will have been worth every step’ Tom Fitzsimons

About Addaction

“Addaction is the UK’s largest drug and alcohol treatment charity. Each year, we help nearly 30,000 people affected by drink and drugs to rebuild their lives by providing specialist treatment, advice, support and education. Our 70 projects nationwide include services specifically tailored to young people and families, helping not just the individual with the drink or drug problem, but also their families and the wider communities in which they live.”

Our first event will be a Curry Night, a relaxed evening with special guest Terry O’Connor (ex Wigan and Great Britain international) and with a comedian providing entertainment and a charity auction.
The Night will be held on the 10th December at Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

For further information and tickets please go to the website or contact Tom:
Phone: 07921 998639

To find out more or to make a donation visit: