Inspirational Steve Prescott continues his support of the RFL Benevolent Fund through his charitable foundation.  One of the fund’s biggest contributors, the Steve Prescott Foundation has given the RFL Benevolent Fund a further donation of £25,000.  The RFL Benevolent Fund has received over £160,000 during the past three years from the Steve Prescott Foundation.

Danny who suffered severe spinal injuries whilst playing Rygby League for local club Moldgreen has recently had a bungalow renovated with support from the Try Assist Fund & Family

The Try Assist has spent over £40,000 in adapting the house to support Danny’s needs and give him a little more inmdependence.

Stephen Ball, General Manager of the Try Assist Fund said ” The 25k Donated from Steve and his charity has made a life changing difference to Danny! Without the support of the SPF, these adaptions probably would not have happened. On Behalf of Danny and the Try Assist Fund we would like to thank the SPF and their considerable supporters for their continued support of the Try Assist”

Steve Prescott said “To see how the money raised can make a difference to a person’s life, make’s all the training and hard work so worthwhile. The Try Assist not only help ex players who have suffered severe injuries like Danny but they also offer support and guidance to ex players families who have suffered from tragic loss of loved ones. Thank you to everyone who have donated, supported or set up their own events to support the SPF.”

A Video of Steve’s visit to Danny’s house can be found by clicking the link below