St Peters is a new Junior club formed last year with children ranging from 9-11 years old.
Which has been tough setting the club up in Manchester and what’s more there have been several challenges along the way.

With St Peters securing funding for a kit they believe this will provide an ideal opportunity to educate the children and the local area on how Rugby League is very much a family and different to a lot of other sports.

“Rather than looking for a corporate sponsor we would like to gift our main shirt sponsorship to the RFL benevolent fund. I think this would provide a great platform to explain to children what the benevolent fund is and also encourage them to raise money for the charity whilst hopefully raising the awareness of the charity in Manchester. We would not be looking for any revenue for the fund for the sponsorship.” States James Caldwell.

When St Peters have the shirts on order they are looking to organise fund raising for the fund and would be more than happy for the benevolent to use this for any press and PR that may help.

“We would also like to make this a better partnership by making sure communication is available within the club should you need support or assistance with any future fund raising etc.” States James Caldwell.

To inspire the young players, James asked them to go away and find out as much about the Benevolent Fund as possible before the next training session.