Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, If you dont find the answer you was looking for you can use our CONTACT FORM to get in-touch with us.

In the first instance check with a match official, doctor or club representative to coordinate your efforts. However if there is a serious life threatening injury don’t hesitate to contact the emergency services on 999.

We have provided a wide range of support and resource to our community from adapted vehicles and modifications to housing right through to education programs and social events.

The principle behind the fund is to support those players who have had significant and life altering events such as spinal trauma.

Yes you could be depending on your injuries and the circumstances. If you feel our organisation will be able to assist you please get in touch.

No. The governing body, leagues and clubs have the resources and personnel to deal with these injuries themselves. Try Assist is their to support and assist players with significant life changing injuries.