I’m 40 this year, and after running quite a few marathons over the last 10 years since I stopped playing Rugby League, I decided to mark the 40 year milestone with something a bit bigger.

I’d seen coverage of the Isle of Man Parish Walk on Sky Sports last summer, and decided an 85 mile race walk in 24 hours around the island was the one.  So my challenge, is to run the Edinburgh Marathon (26 miles, 22nd May 2011) and the Isle of Man Parish Walk (85 Miles, 25th June). Anybody trying to visualise 85 miles, just think Wigan to Bradford and back….

The reason the RFL Benevolent Fund is important to me, is over the years Rugby League has made me some fantastic friends, and allowed me to volunteer with some amazing people. Seeing the way our sport changes young players’ lives for the better is plenty reward for me as a coach. I volunteer for the Brentwood Eels club in Essex. We compete in the London Junior League, and have seen growth and achievement in this region which shows how much the game has got to offer, even in areas traditionally associated with strength in other sports.

Obviously in such a physically demanding game, injuries do happen. And seeing the ways families’ lives change on tragic twists of fate is always

difficult. Knowing that the RFL Benevolent Fund is so active in supporting the RL community means that anything I can do to help increase that support is worth every run or step of my challenges.

So I’d urge anybody whose life has been enriched as a supporter, player, volunteer or employee within Rugby League to help out with a donation, however small. Using Justgiving.com means that each donation is boosted by tax relief, meaning your money goes even further. My justgiving page is